Ferrari Formula Chronograph by Cartier


  • BRAND: Ferrari 
  • MODEL: Formula Chronograph by Cartier
  • YEAR: 1988
  • MOVEMENT: Seiko Cal. 7A38
  • CASE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
  • BRACELET MATERIAL: Stainless Steel/ Gold (Size: 20,5)
  • CLASP: Folding Clasp
  • GLASS: Sapphire

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Ferrari Formula Chronograph by Cartier

Enzo Ferrari’s Passion for Watches: Enzo Ferrari, the driving force behind Ferrari’s racing legacy, had a profound love for timepieces. This fascination began with a silver watch gifted by his godfather, Anselmo Chiarli, marking Enzo’s first communion. As his success grew, so did his collection of watches, which he considered trophies for monumental achievements.

Exclusive Ferrari Timepieces: Enzo commissioned exclusive watches from various esteemed brands, each bearing the iconic Prancing Horse on their dials. These watches were reserved for a select few who had significantly contributed to Ferrari’s triumphs and displayed unwavering loyalty to Enzo. These timepieces were more than just accessories; they symbolized belonging to Enzo Ferrari’s inner circle.

Unassuming Gift-Giving: Interestingly, the presentation of these prestigious watches was unceremonious. Enzo Ferrari would often casually place the watch into the recipient’s hand, making it an unexpected and cherished honor.

A True Achievement: One notable recipient was Argentine driver José Froilán González, who received his Ferrari watch after a victory at Silverstone in 1951. Enzo Ferrari valued beating his main rival, Alfa Romeo, above all, as their cars were known for inefficiency, requiring frequent pit stops during races.

Long-Awaited Recognition: Others, like Reclus Forghieri, head of the mechanical department, had to patiently wait for decades before receiving their tokens of approval from ‘Il Commendatore’ Enzo Ferrari. Notably, Reclus’s son, Mauro Forghieri, became a prominent Ferrari Formula One car designer.

Ferrari’s Expanding Influence: Enzo Ferrari’s passion lay in racing, with Ferrari’s road cars serving as a means to support this passion. In the 1980s, Ferrari’s brand power extended beyond motorsport, leading to merchandise, including watches. Enzo, protective of the brand’s reputation, partnered with Cartier, a renowned design brand.

The ‘Cartier Formula Ferrari’ Collection: The resulting ‘Cartier Formula Ferrari’ watches were born from a thoughtful collaboration between Ferrari and Cartier, marked by strong personalities and designs. Led by influential figures like Giampiero Bodino, these watches fused the high-tech world of Ferrari with elegance in a contemporary design.



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