Rolex GMT-Master (ref. 1675) Rare 1977 watch!


  • BRAND: Rolex
  • MODEL: GMT-Master
  • REFERENCE: 1675
  • YEAR: 1977 (5197***)
  • MOVEMENT: Automatic (3075)
  • DIAL COLOR: Black
  • CASE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
  • BEZEL MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
  • BRACELET MATERIAL: Stainless Steel (Size: 18)
  • CLASP: Folding clasp
  • GLASS: Plexiglass

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Rolex GMT-Master 1675

Rolex is a legendary Swiss luxury watchmaker with a history that spans over a century. Established in 1905, Rolex has earned a reputation for exceptional craftsmanship, precision, and enduring style. The brand is synonymous with prestige and innovation in the world of horology.

Rolex GMT-Master 1675: A Classic Icon of Travel and Adventure

The vintage Rolex GMT-Master 1675 is an iconic timepiece celebrated for its association with aviation and exploration. This classic model epitomizes Rolex’s commitment to both functionality and elegance.

Key Features of the Rolex GMT-Master 1675:

  • Dual Time Zone Functionality: The GMT-Master 1675 was designed specifically for aviators and travelers. It features a dual time zone function, allowing wearers to track two time zones simultaneously, an invaluable tool for globetrotters.
  • Distinctive Bezel: The watch is characterized by its distinctive bezel, which is not only eye-catching but also serves as a quick reference for tracking a third time zone.
  • Robust Stainless Steel Construction: Crafted from stainless steel, the watch is robust and durable, suitable for both adventurous journeys and everyday wear.
  • Automatic Movement: Powered by an automatic movement, the watch ensures reliable and precise timekeeping without the need for a battery.
  • Timeless Design: The vintage GMT-Master 1675 features a timeless design with classic Rolex elements.
  • Historical Significance: This model has a rich history, having been worn by notable figures in the world of exploration and aviation. It is from 1977 with serial: 5179***.

The Rolex GMT-Master 1675 is an emblematic timepiece that represents the spirit of adventure and exploration. With its dual time zone functionality and enduring design, it is a cherished choice for those who appreciate both functionality and style. Explore the world of Rolex, where tradition and innovation unite to create extraordinary watches that transcend generations.



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