breitling watches

When it comes to Swiss watch brands, there are very few that really belong to the absolute top, but Breitling is definitely one of them. This has everything to do with the high quality that they strive for in all areas. We offer you the most beautiful watches from Breitling!

the ultimate status symbol

Due to the high price tag attached to Breitling watches, these timepieces are seen as a status symbol by many people. Logical, because it indicates that you have a lot of money (left) for a luxurious purchase like this. Of course you know that there is much more to it, such as craftsmanship and experience from the nineteenth century to the present day. That is the strength of this top brand.

Only the most beautiful models

Did you know that Breitling was the first to add a stopwatch function to a wristwatch? Such cleverness has always kept the brand at the forefront. Whether you prefer a Navitimer, Emergency or Cosmonaute: you know very well what its value is. And that that value only increases as the model becomes rarer.

which watch will it be?

In our range you will often find several Breitling models at the same time. As soon as we come across a good second-hand watch from this world brand that we like, we immediately put it on the site. Are you looking for a specific type? Mail us via and we will search with you! We will send you photos and prices via email or WhatsApp as soon as we find it.

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