Heuer Chronograph Valjoux 22 Pre-Carrera Gilt Dial


  • BRAND: Heuer
  • MODEL: Chronograph Valjoux 22 Pre-Carrera
  • YEAR: 1950s
  • MOVEMENT: Valjoux 22
  • DIAL COLOR: Black Gilt Dial
  • CASE MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
  • BEZEL MATERIAL: Stainless Steel
  • BRACELET MATERIAL: Leather Strap
  • CLASP: Buckle
  • GLASS: Plexiglass

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Heuer Chronograph Valjoux 22 Pre-Carrera Gilt Dial

The Heuer Chronograph Valjoux 22 Pre-Carrera Gilt Dial – a horological treasure that seamlessly bridges the past and the present. Meticulously crafted from steel, its striking black dial, embellished with gilt writing, exudes understated sophistication, creating an irresistibly captivating aesthetic.

What truly distinguishes this timepiece is its authenticity. To the best of our knowledge, the dial remains untouched, preserving its original charm. Despite hailing from the early ’60s, the Valjoux 22 movement continues to keep impeccable time, ticking away at a steady +9 seconds per day. With an amplitude of 329 and a B.E. of 0.2ms, its exceptional condition stands as a testament to the meticulous care and maintenance it has received over the years.

This watch carries a unique history – an early model yet to bear the Heuer signature, adding an extra layer of exclusivity and allure. Its vintage charm transcends fleeting trends, encapsulating an era of grace and sophistication.

Whether you’re a discerning collector or someone in search of timeless craftsmanship, the Heuer Chronograph Valjoux 22 Pre-Carrera Gilt Dial stands as a symbol of enduring quality and style. Embrace the nostalgia of a bygone era by adorning your wrist with a piece of history that remains as elegant today as it was decades ago. Elevate your collection with this exceptional timepiece that embodies the essence of timeless sophistication.


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